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Cheese CBD cannabis seeds show that with talent and elite genetics, there's no wrong combination. Born from the cross of a Cheese and a Pure CBD, Cheese CBD kills the belief that cannabidiol-rich genetics always taste of orange. Thanks to the meticulous breeding work carried out by the technical team of Dinafem Seeds, those who love the intense aroma of old cheese and Skunk will now be able to enjoy an equally smelly and tasty strain with a more moderate effect, perfect for daily use. Can you imagine enjoying all the taste and nuances of the best scotch but with a lower alcohol content? That's exactly what Cheese CBD offers all those who love the Cheese strain; an amazing plant that not in vain has ruled the world of cannabis in the UK for decades.

The structure of Cheese CBD is very similar to the one of the original Cheese. Dense and compact plants with lots of branches, as a result of her Indica genes. Her Sativa side, inherited from the CBD predecessor, becomes evident in her thin and elongated leaves. But not only that. Her internodal spacing being a bit more ample means Cheese CBD is more resistant to moisture and plagues than the original Cheese. This is because that extra distance allows light and air to flow more comfortably, reducing the risks of fungal infections. When it comes to her size, Cheese CBD is a mid-sized/big plant that could reach heights of 2 m outdoors.

Just like the original strain, Cheese CBD is a heavy producer of large, elongated and sticky buds that boast a very special dark-green colour.

Aromas and flavours
Cheese CBD is a must-have for any self-respecting Cheese-lover. Her aroma is as thick, deep, complex and piercing as the one delivered by the original Cheese, with hints of flowers and an unmistakable Skunk basis that turns into a delicious aroma of cured cheese. Cheese CBD also adds a rather citric aftertaste to this explosive mixture that, despite being barely perceptible, tops it off masterfully, marvellously merging with the exceptional organoleptic qualities of the Cheese.

Thanks to her 1:1 THC:CBD ratio, Cheese CBD is more moderate and balanced than the original strain. This doesn’t mean Cheese CBD is not psychoactive at all. Just the opposite. It allows everyone to enjoy the typical psychoactive effects of cannabis, without having to worry about the mind-blowing potency of the original Cheese. Those users with limited tolerance to THC will be pleased to enjoy this legendary strain while more experienced consumers will have the chance to combine the high-THC Cheese and the high-CBD Cheese, depending on the situation. Cheese CBD delivers a moderately potent and long-lasting high, with a very nice sensation of well-being and happiness. On top of that, due to her high CBD levels, she showcases many anxiolytic and anti-inflammatory properties, among others.

Cheese CBD is very easy to grow and, thanks to her Indica-Sativa balance, she adapts perfectly to both indoors and outdoors. Given her moderate and homogenous horizontal growth, indoor growers will be able to make the most of the available space. However, they shouldn’t underestimate her vertical growth. In fact, to keep that under control, we recommend bending the top of the plant with the help of a thread and tying it up to the bottom of a tent.

You must give serious consideration to the intense aroma of this strain, though. If you don’t want the entire neighbourhood to end up smelling of cured cheese, we suggest you buy some effective filters. Should you opt for outdoors, don't forget that her dimensions and aroma could attract unwanted attention. And there’s no point in trying to hide her smell by cultivating other aromatic plants around your Cheese CBD because it won’t work. You’d better resign yourself to the fact that your garden will end up smelling like a French cheese factory.

Characteristics of Cheese CBD cannabis seeds
Sex: CBD-Feminised
Genotype: 50% Indica / 50% Sativa
Cross: Cheese x CBD
Suitable for: Indoors and outdoors
Indoor flowering: 50-60 days
Indoor yield: 500 g/m2
Outdoor harvest time: Early October / Mid-October
Outdoor yield: 1000 g/plant
Outdoor height: 2.5 m
THC: 7%
CBD: 8%
THC/CBD ratio: 1:1
Category: Dinafem
SKU: 210297
Sex‍: Feminised
Genetics‍: Cheese / Exodus CheeseLandraceColombiaMexicoSkunkCBD-rich / Unknown CBD-richAfghanistan
Flowering time indoor‍: 8 weeks
Flowering time outdoor‍: Late September
Type‍: Indica / Sativa
Aroma‍: CheeseCitrus fruitFlowersSkunk
Shipping weight‍: 0,05 kg
Item weight‍: 0,05 kg


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